Club Champs 2016 Results

By | August 23, 2016

We had a very good turnout for our club champs after a long long sabbatical of no club champs at the club. It was nice to see all the camaraderie and excitement that went with it, as well as the friendship being challenged on the court.

Loads of fun and some very tired legs and bodies eventually brought our winners to the front of the chasing pack.
The winners of the Club champs are as follows

Ladies Winner- Leanne Swiegers
Laddies Runner Up – Ingrid Versfeld

Mens Plate Winner – Eugene Kruger
Mens Plate Runner Up – Barry Haschick

Mens Final Winner- Voden Wearne
Mens Final Runner Up- Charles Ziehl

Monte Vista Tennis Club would just like to thank everyone who brought eats personally and made them from home! Thank you for the extra effort that you all put in. The the tennis players and spectators always had something great to eat while watching some good tennis.

To all of the people that participated, well done! The whole tournament was played in GREAT spirit and with GREAT club integrity. It was an absolute pleasure watching everyone play, and thank you to all the spectators and family that gave up their time to come and watch their loved ones playing, as well as all the other club members who came and supported their fellow members while they played.

The Final was followed by a bring and braai, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all, lekker koek, awesome friendships and banter flowed through the evening, thanks to our resident Chef griller Clint, everyone had good meat that wasn’t burnt.